Upcoming Events


  • Pre-registration for the John Ross Macrae Endurance Race opens Oct.8th 19h00

    Pre-register here! And see the event page for full details.and don’t forget the test and tune Oct.17th

  • Test and Tune Date change!

    The final test and tune of 2015 will now be held on Saturday October 17th, starting at noon! This will give us way (way) more daylight and track time, and thus more time riding motorcycles! Don’t forget that this is the day before the last race event of the season:

  • Pre-registration now open for Nationals (AMRA rounds 2/3)

    Get ready for the AMRA round Canadian mini Nationals rounds 2 and 3! Registration is officially open. Pre-register to avoid lines, hassle, and public shaming at the event! Download registration here and email to info@amra.ca. REMINDER: CMA License is required to race in National rounds 2 and 3. Make sure