The AMRA abides by the machine rules of the CMA.  At a minimum, your bike will not be allowed to race if it does not pass all of the inspection points listed below.


Rider Name: Bike #: Class:
Pass Fail
Bike Clean No excessive leaks
No excessive dirt/mud that will fall on track
Oil Fill and Drains to be visibly secured (wire, silicone, clamp)
Coolant No Ethylene Glycol
Coolant Fill and Drain to be visibly secured (wire, silicone, clamp)
Brakes Good working order (wheel stops prior to lever hitting bar)
Front Calliper bolts wired or siliconed
Hose fittings wired or siliconed
Controls Kill switch functional
Controls not too loose
Sliders secured (axles, pegs, bars)
Steering assembly not too loose
Wheels Axle nuts secured (cotters, metal lock nuts, wire, silicone)
No excessive play
No broken spokes
Correct size for class
Stock wheels for spec class
Catch Cans Carburetor (drains, vents)
Coolant (if no overflow)
Breather (if not into plugged air box)
Exhaust 87dB
Stock for spec class.  Bikes with insert removed are not Spec.
Numbers to be clearly legible
Rider Apparel Snell 2010 or greater or ECE 22.05
Leathers, no holes in the slidy parts (Supermotard MX Gear OK)
Boots above the ankles, no holes
gloves, no holes in slidy parts
No Helmet cams
Accessories Mirrors must be removed or covered
Lights must be removed or taped
Kick stands to be high enough to not scrape and have functional spring or be removed
License plates to be removed, or have no sharp exposed edges
Class Specific Engine Size
Frame Styles