As we approach the start of the 2015 season (!), the AMRA wants to remind everyone of some important new rules: Sliders are now mandatory on all bikes for the racetrack, including bar ends and footpegs (as per racetrack policy) No helmet cameras. For safety reasons, helmet cameras are noContinue Reading

The AMRA collected just under $80,000 from our casino this year and we would like to give a big “Thank You!!!!!” to all of the following people: Glenda Hewgil, Scott Hewgil, Tyler Muise, Dan Davidson, Dakota Davidson, Ryan Pearce, Brian Cechmanek, Susan Conrad, Billy Eslick, Chuck Downie, Angele Downie, RupertContinue Reading

A few things to think about at your next track day By Brian Catterson, Photography by Gold & Goose What’s the proper way to ride a motorcycle? Ask a dozen riders and you’ll get a dozen answers. Not even the experts can agree. Take something as simple as steering: ForgetContinue Reading

To race on any track you will need to make sure you bike has been properly safety wired. Safety wiring prevents bolts and nuts from working their way loose compromising yours and other riders safety on the track. Proper safety wiring is a vital part of the technical inspection youContinue Reading

NATIONAL OFFICE: CANADIAN MOTORCYCLE ASSOCIATION BUREAU NATIONAL: L’ASSOCIATION MOTOCYCLIST CANADIENNE BOX 448, HAMILTON, ONT. L8L 8C4 Sanction No. AB 2674 Event AMRA Regional Mini Endurance Date April 28, 2013 [htable type=”table-striped”] [thead] [trow] [thcol]Rider[/thcol] [thcol]Member[/thcol] [thcol]Name[/thcol] [thcol]City/Province[/thcol] [thcol]Machine[/thcol] [thcol]Prizes[/thcol] [/trow] [/thead] [tbody] [trow] [tcol]70[/tcol] [tcol]31 applied applied[/tcol] [tcol]Rob Ross DaveContinue Reading

A letter from 14 year old Brett’s father Grant McCormick In 2 years of mini roadracing in Western Canada it is amazing to see the growth in opportunity for kids, youth and adults to learn how to ride on the pavement, while at the same time honing their roadracing skills.Continue Reading

MINI ROADRACING: Fuels the competitive spirit of Calgarian Amateur Athletes The Alberta Mini RoadRacing Association is pleased to announce we have been awarded Grant Approval from Parks Foundation Calgary! The AMRA appreciates the assistance of the Parks Foundation and the Calgary Flames for their support with the ‘Advancement and TrainingContinue Reading

I think it’s important to let people know: 1. Fun – and I know you always stress this, but people who follow motorsports, but have never participated tend to think “competitive”, which is what fun is to some people. Fun is defined differently by everyone, and if they can understandContinue Reading