What is Mini RoadRacing?

Mini RoadRacing is the sport of racing motorcycles on paved closed course circuits or paved lots to a maximum of 1,600 metres in length, including go-kart tracks and indoor arenas.  Currently, the AMRA allows sport bikes under 400cc and dirt-style bikes with smooth tires up to 150cc to ride on the track at Test & Tune (practice) evenings.  On an AMRA race day, there are classes for a wide variety of bikes and riders, including SuperMoto.

Anyone 6 years and older is eligible to race.  There are race classes for kids, ladies, novice and expert riders.

We encourage everyone to start by attending an AMRA Test & Tune (Practice) Evening:
– Annual AMRA Membership required
– Economical Riding Fees
– Discounted Fees for Teens and Ladies
– Bike Rentals Available
– Riding Gear Rental is FREE!!!

Try Racing at any AMRA Regional & National Race Day:
– Annual CMA Competition Membership required
– Race in Multiple Race classes for One Low Fee!
– Discounted Fees for Teens and Ladies
– Bike Rentals Available
– Riding Gear Rental is FREE!!!

AMRA Equipment Available:
– 100 & 125cc motorcycles
– Racing Leathers
– Riding Gloves
– Riding Boots
– Approved Helmets

Where do you Mini Roadrace in Southern Alberta?

The AMRA Races at the North Star Raceway @ Strathmore Motorsport Park is located in the Town limits of Strathmore, a 30 minute drive East of the City limits.


There are also Mini RoadRacing clubs in Saskatchewan, BC, and various places in the USA.

Available AMRA Classes

At the discretion of the AMRA Race Official on Race Day, any class which does not have Four Registered Riders may be deleted from the list.

Championship Classes
– Youth Class (6-9)
– Spec Supersport
– Formula Supersport
– Spec Thunder
– Formula Thunder
– Spec Motard
– Formula GP
– Spec Under 21
– Spec Over 21
– Formula Under 21
– Formula Over 21
– Women

Non-Championship “Club” Classes
– Intermediate Class
– Spec Thumper
– Formula Thumper
– Thunder Extreme
– SuperMoto
– Small Sport Bike Class

Typical race day

8:00-8:45 AM.     – Gates open/sign-in/register etc.

8:45-9:00 AM      – Rider safety meeting (Mandatory Attendance)

9:00-10:00 AM    – Practice laps

10:00-12:00 AM  – RACING!!!!!

12:00-1:00 PM    – Lunch

1:00-4:45PM       – RACING!!!!!

4:45-5:00PM       – Track cleanup