2021 Memberships now available!

To join our club, please fill in our online membership form and send us your payment via e-transfer to [email protected] . That’s [email protected] … With the “s”…please double-check before you send to make sure your payment goes to the right place and doesn’t cause delays in processing registrations.

Also make sure to include your name and what you’re paying for in the message for your e-transfer.

2021 Annual Membership Rates:

  • Youth (6-9): $35 (9 Years Old or younger on January 1, 2021)
  • Individual: $75
  • Family: $150 (includes up to 4 individual memberships)

All memberships are half-price after September 1!

2020 Test & Tune Fees:

  • Youth Rider Fee: $25
  • All Other Rider Fee: $50

2020 AMRA Regional Race Fees:

  • Youth Rider Fee: $50
    • (includes the use of club bikes and gear, subject to availability)
  • All Other Rider Fee: $100

2020 Club Bike Rental Fees:

  • Youth: FREE
  • All Other Bikes: $100/day ($50 for a half-day, like on a Wednesday evening)


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