Do you have bikes & equipment available for me to use?

Yes, yes we do.

We have DRZ-70s for Youth riders, an assortment of Thunder bikes (e.g. TTR125), and some CBR125s available for rent at track nights and on race days.

We also have an assortment of safety gear (leathers, helmets, boots, gloves, etc.) that are available for member use at our events.

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What is Mini Road Racing?

Mini RoadRacing is the sport of racing motorcycles on paved closed course circuits or paved lots to a maximum of 1,600 metres in length, including go-kart tracks and indoor arenas.  Currently, the AMRA allows sport bikes under 400cc and dirt-style bikes with smooth tires up to 150cc to ride on the track at Test & Tune (practice) evenings.  On an AMRA race day, there are classes for a wide variety of bikes and riders, including Supermoto.

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