MINI ROADRACING: Fuels the competitive spirit of Calgarian Amateur Athletes

The Alberta Mini RoadRacing Association is pleased to announce we have been awarded Grant Approval from Parks Foundation Calgary! The AMRA appreciates the assistance of the Parks Foundation and the Calgary Flames for their support with the ‘Advancement and Training program’ in the amateur sport of Mini RoadRacing!

The Alberta Mini RoadRacing Association (AMRA) is based out of Calgary, Alberta (non profit 2003). Purposes of this association are to provide an entry level introduction to 2 wheel motorsports; maintain a high level of competition that will keep the most advanced rider challenged and promote a positive image of motorcycle racing in regards to safety, technique and attitude. Mini roadracing duplicates all the thrills of ‘big bike racing’ without the higher speeds and risks by competing on smaller equipment and on smaller tracks.

With support from the Parks Foundation Calgary, AMRA will purchase: new training equipment including a dB Com Timing System equipped with 15 transponders and a handheld monitor, HP laptop computer to run the system, Hp laser printer to print off moment by moment results, and a Cannon ZR700 Mini DVD Camcorder kit. All will allow our racers to further define and enhance the competitive skills of Calgarian Athletes . Also included are 6 Motorola Racing CP200 VHF 4 channel portable headset radios combined and state of the art safety equipment which will serve to ensure the safety of our competitors as they refine their competitive advantage.

The AMRA is extremely fortunate to be associated with many experienced and successful racers who are willing to contribute there time, experience and skills to the development and education of our athletes. With this new equipment and committed volunteers our athletes will be able to advance to the next level, learning faster and safer than ever before!

Mini RoadRacing is RoadRacing for everyone! A non traditional Sport that allows fathers and sons and mothers and daughters to enjoy head to head competition; a sport in which members learn as much from the youth as from the older members; a sport that empowers the individual in pursuit of personal excellence. The amateur sport of Mini Roadracing extends across all social, cultural and economic boundaries. With a strong focus on safety, camaraderie, good sportsmanship and competition the AMRA meets the fundamental needs of a society dedicated to improving the quality of life for everyone!

If you would like to get involved with the exciting, rapidly expanding sport of Mini RoadRacing or would like more information on the AMRA and events, news and developments please contact Leandro Mandalari at [email protected]

Written by: Bernedette Fox

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