Rules & Regulations

The Alberta Mini RoadRacing Association is governed by the AMRA rule book which contains general rules for racing. 

We rent the track and other facilities from our friends at the Calgary Kart Racing Club and are bound by the CKRC Code of Conduct by the terms of our rental agreement.

Some other specific rules for riding with us:

rules and regs

Meaning of Flags:

Yellow: Caution!
The yellow flag is used to indicate that there is an incident ahead which racers need to be aware of.  Most often, this will be a rider who has fallen, but the incident is not serious enough to end racing.  While the yellow flag is being displayed, racers need to take care and are not allowed to gain a position on another racer until they have passed the incident. If a racer makes a pass during a yellow flag, that rider must give back the position gained, or they will be disqualified from the race.

Green: Go!
This green flag is a courtesy flag, and is rarely used by the corner marshalls. After an incident requiring a yellow flag clears up, the corner marshall may display the green flag to notify the racers that the incident has passed and that the track is clear.

Red: Stop!
The red flag is used to signal that racing is over due to a major incident on the track.  Riders must safely reduce speed and come to a stop at the next corner station. The corner marshall will the hold riders at their station until directed to release them.

Yellow-Red striped: Traction
The striped flag is used to alert the racer of a change of traction along the race course, usually from debris such as oil, other fluids, or dirt.

Black: Safety Infraction
The black flag is used to alert a rider to a safety infraction.  This could be a problem with the bike, your gear, or your riding attitude.  The black flag will be pointed at a specific rider, who must then exit the track as soon as they reach the exit, and report to the Race Official.

White: Last Lap
The white flag is a courtesy flag which may be displayed to indicate that there is one lap remaining in the race.

Checkered:  Race is over!
The race is over.  You win!