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A Members Letter

I think it’s important to let people know:

1. Fun – and I know you always stress this, but people who follow motorsports, but have never participated tend to think “competitive”, which is what fun is to some people. Fun is defined differently by everyone, and if they can understand that it’s competitive, but without any pressure, except self-imposed that will go a long way to reducing anxiety for anyone considering it.

2. Affordable – I’ve paid more for My 8 year old daughters figure skating this year than we did for racing last year, including the bike. This includes fees for racing & test & tune nights, and equipment.

3. Quality of Racing – which has to be experienced to understand. A lot of guys who ride fast on the street will not appreciate the skill involved in actually going fast on the track, so will dismiss it as beneath them just because there’s “only” 50cc or 100cc under them. They would all be pretty surprised if you sent them out and told them to keep up with some of the clubs young teenagers.

4. A Class for Everyone – people need to know that they aren’t going to get in the way the first few times out, and that they will actually be able to race with peers of similar ability. This year there are so many classes that everyone will have a chance to race with a group that’s their speed. I know this was essential the first time I went out for a track day on the big track.

All of this is on the website already, I think, but people will call anyway, because they will want to be assured that they completely understand what it entails. I know when we got started, it was hard to believe that it was going to cost less than $3000 for the first year, all in, and $300/year after that.

Stress that anyone considering joining come out for a demo ride. I used to sell videoconferencing equipment. Lots of companies were interested, but not one was really a “qualified” prospect until they had used it. After they had used it, the perceived value to them was huge. On the website, under getting started, what would be involved in allowing for people to pre-register for the demo ride? If the registration is at the same place as the getting started info, they will know what’s involved before they come out for a ride. With that in mind, the ride will just cement their decision.

Word of mouth is how people get started too. It’s really important that when someone comes out to see the club race, that they feel welcomed. You guys are really good at this, but many others sort of keep to themselves, or their group of friends.
None of this is new to you, I’m sure, but maybe something here will be helpful.


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