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Casino Night Thank You!

The AMRA collected just under $80,000 from our casino this year and we would like to give a big “Thank You!!!!!” to all of the following people:

Glenda Hewgil, Scott Hewgil, Tyler Muise, Dan Davidson, Dakota Davidson, Ryan Pearce, Brian Cechmanek, Susan Conrad, Billy Eslick, Chuck Downie, Angele Downie, Rupert Collins, Jay Fox, Claire McCorroll, Jonathan McCarroll, Jacob Vallentin, Russel Yarex, Jawad Baloch, Brenda Dyck, Sandi Chapman, Kent Chapman, Alex Irving, Kayseas Redsky, Rob Ross, Shane Stickland, Nico Mandalari and Leandro Mandalari for giving up their time to help out the club tremendously. The Casino was a huge success!

I should mention that Scott Hewgil, Glenda Hewgil, Dan Davidson, Billy Eslick, Jacob Vallentin, Rupert Collins, Nico Mandalari and Leandro Mandalari went above and beyond picking up the slack for the rest of the members by taking double shifts over the two days.

Unfortunately, I do have to mention that there is a lot of us that are very disappointed by the reality that it is always the same people that constantly put their hat forward, devote their time and effort to help the club while others reap the rewards. Everyone benefits from these funds by way of lower track fees, travel expenses, trophies, club assets, gear and too many other things to list.

I hope moving forward, we will not need to have 8 people take double shifts because others aren’t willing to make a sacrifice for the good of the club.

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