Figure 1. slider with steel cable tie

Here we will outline Technical and Safety Specifications required to ride with the AMRA and on the Strathmore Motorsports race track.
Please note, that these pictures and descriptions are to clarify, but they do not replace or supercede any rules stated in the CMA Rule Book.


What are sliders? exactly what they sound like. They are plastic, disposable, pieces which help protect the track from damage in case of contact.

Any part of your bike which could reasonably contact the track must have a reliably affixed slider. These areas include: bar ends, front forks/axle, rear swingarm/axle, exhaust, rearsets/footpegs, and potentially along the frame (if you don’t want to scratch up your pretty bodywork).

Below are examples of sliders and their attachments which would be approved for use on the track at an AMRA event.


Figure 2. Rear axle slider.


Figure 3. Rear axle slider, affixed to swingarm via steel cable tie.


Figure 4. Bar end slider.



Figure 5. footpeg/rearset slider, affixed via bolt.



Figure 6. Fork slider, affixed via steel cable tie.



Figure 7. Detail: axle sliders.



Figure 8. Slider on exhaust, affixed via steel cable tie. Also, safety wire on exhaust cap.

































Safety wiring

Bolts and pieces which can easily come free must be safety wired in accordance with CMA rules. Silicone sealant may be permitted, given it is cured (ie, not applied immediately prior to tech). Areas to safety wire include: oil cap, oil drain bolt, handle-bar grips, exhaust cap, and brake caliper bolts.


Figure 9. Oil cap safety wired.


Figure 10. Brake calipre bolts safety wired












Fuel lines should be one-way hoses, and securely fastened to the gas cap. Brake fluid reservoirs should be sealed by tape or better.


Figure 11. One-way fuel drain hose


Figure 12. Brake reservoir sealed.














More coming soon.